Tuesday, 20 August 2013

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Monday, 5 August 2013


The International Cheese-Fries Review presents:



Gotham Square

Here it is, people, the mash-up of all mash-ups. Do me a favour. Imagine that, one day, the Bat-Man universe was suddenly transported to Albert Square. What if Bat-Man had been a cockney? What if the heroes and villains who prowl the streets at night were not endowed with supernatural powers or expensive gadgetry? What if they were just people… geezers, tossers, girls with huge hoopy earrings in leopard print tops… gangsters and barmaids, car mechanics and market stall gals?
This, my friends, is what it would look like. Take a step into the world of the Cockney Bat-Man.

Alfie Moon as the Cockney Bat-Man:
    With ‘batman’ only a typo away from ‘barman’, Alfie is the prime choice for the role of Cockney Batman. With his dark plastic coat swaying behind him in the dark alleys of Albert Square, he is out to solve crime and bring peace into the hearts of the people – mainly by selling booze to punters in the Vic.
(Some of you may have thought that being called Alfred, he should have been the Bat-Man’s ageing butler, but we here at The International Cheese-Fries Review think OUTSIDE of the box).

Kat Slater as Kat-Woman:

  With her burning love for low-cut tops, high heels, heavy make-up and starting a good old fight in the Vic, Kat Slater was born for the role of Kat-Woman. Her relationship with Cockney Bat-Man is, as ever, complicated: she can’t live with, and she can’t live without him. This doesn’t stop her from seducing and snogging other men on a regular basis – they just can’t resist the leopard print and those massive hoopy earrings…

Phil Mitchell as The Philguin:

 Come on, Phil Mitchell was the natural choice here. No one, and I mean no one, does being a chubby bald git and pissing people off better than he does.  It’s no secret that this geezer’s various business dabblings are all a front for criminal activity, and not even the good kind.
We liked it when the Philguin did crack.


Michael Moon as Two-Face:

Outwardly charming, Moon-Face’s other face is on the inside, where other people would have warmth and empathy. Aaaaand it ain’t pretty, man.

Janine Butcher as Talia Al Ghul:

Raised to be a cold-blooded, emotionless killer, Janine is Walford’s version of assassin Talia Al Ghul. Although in a certain way, she does bring people together. In what way? In the way that we all hate her. We hate you, Janine Al Ghul.

 Bianca Butcher as Poison Ivy:

Ever the fiery one, we have long since been suspecting that Bianca Butcher is hiding plant-based evilness behind that utterly annoying fa├žade.

Lauren Branning as Harley Quinn

Mischief, alcohol, crime, boys. She wants it all, and she wants it now. And if you don’t give it to her, she’ll go full mental on you.

Masood Ahmed as Police Commissioner Gordon

He is the only person on Albert Square that actually has any real human qualities, and you know it.


Dot Cotton as Alfred the Butler

Literally serving everyone. As the voice of morality.


Iain Beale as the Green Goblin

Iain Beale: He’s the greatest tosser you’ll even come across, and he usually puts his foot in it SO hard, that…well, that he could easily land himself in the wrong superhero universe.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cheese Fries @ Camden Diner

London... home of a million obtuse, ignorant, posturing assholes that operate under the misguided belief that they live in the centre of God's own asshole and anything north of North London is a grotty wasteland populated by ignorant savages (oh, the irony...). Formerly fashionable Camden (spits)... yeah, never mind though. Believe me, the trawl through the endless stalls crammed with tedious quasi-alternative tat is well worth it. Some of the best goodies Team Cheese-Fries have chowed down on to-date.

This is the good stuff. The fries are crispy and cooked to a tea, and the cheese is actually a combination of two different cheeses - juicy swirls of red and gold for that authentic State-side feel. Good penetration of the cheese to the lower levels too (if there's not a hint of solidified grilled-cheese at the bottom of the bowl, you just feel fucking cheated). The menu is extensive and you can get a cherry coke, a shake or even a glass of bubbly with your meal. You can also get a pint of Red Stripe which is a nice plus.

The decor is full on token Americana and the only real downside is that the place is so popular you may have to wait a while to get the attention of staff when you inevitably want something more off the menu.